Desafió los estereotipos en Instagram publicando su antes y después, pero con kilos de más

Como observamos a diario, las redes sociales se llenan de imágenes de gente en
situaciones de felicidad, figuras esbeltas cuyo estereotipo físico es el de la perfección (con o sin filtros).

Una mujer norteamericana reparó en esa tendencia y en la moda de publicar las fotos del “antes y después” con cambios físicos que van de la gordura a la delgadez.


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My son was looking through my pictures and he stopped on this one: “I just don’t understand how a person changes so much” “We ALL change. Do you think you look the same as you did a few years ago?” “I don’t know” So off I went and made the kids their own transformation photos. Swipe👉🏼 “What do you see?” I asked them. “We’ve changed A LOT” “And you’ll keep on changing. But there’s one thing that never changes: you were a masterpiece then and you’re a masterpiece now.” ————— Repost: I am a masterpiece. I am a masterpiece as a size 4. I am a masterpiece as a size 18. I am a masterpiece because of who I am, not in spite of it. And while it took me 2 decades to make this realization, it wasn’t my body that had to change, it was my mind. The truth is: it never really was about my body…it was my desire to be loved and accepted by everyone. . Our bodies are ever changing, as you can see from my own body changes in the last 10 years. And you know what? My body WILL change again. I’ve learned that fixating my worth on controlling my body to stay constant with society’s expectations when it is meant to fluctuate with every season in MY life is a ridiculous waste of energy. Because at the end of the day: I am still the same person no matter what my pants say on the tag, how many rolls, dimples or wrinkles I have, or even how able my body is. . It’s important to note that I am not happier now BECAUSE I am a bigger size, I am filled with joy because I have made peace with this body no matter what size, shape or condition it is, now or in the future. . And I live my life now with a softness, kindness and light that shows people who I am even before they see me or what I do. I live my life on an assignment to bring this same awakening and newness to others instead of living to please the doubters. . I invite you to see yourself the way I see you: as a masterpiece. If you’ll join in, could you comment “I am a masterpiece” below?! Just do you babes! Xoxo Allie

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Allison Kimmey, que se presenta en su página web como experta en amor propio e influencer de estilo de vida, decidió hacer algo desde su cuenta de Instagram: “Miré mi propia vida y empecé a darme cuenta de que mi historia se veía bastante diferente”, contó a sus seguidores.

Así es como comenzó a publicar sus fotos de años atrás -cuando se la veía delgada contrastando con las actuales, en las que aumentó unos talles.

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Just a little Monday morning reminder that you are multifaceted, multidimensional, multi-angled. It’s the same you that accidentally opens the front facing camera for the 20th time on your phone as the you that finds the perfect lighting and got your selfie queen glow on. There’s no difference, it’s ALL you babe. We can’t expect ourselves to look, feel, perform, act, do, be the same all of the time, and by same I mean acceptably by culture and society. Just do you this morning and the rest will work itself out – I promise! Double tap if you choose to put on some self love this morning! And give me a 🙋🏼‍♀️ if you ever open that front facing cam on accident 🤣 Xoxo Allie

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“Después de pasar 15 años tratando de lograr la foto perfecta del ‘antes y después’, me di cuenta que estoy más viva en este momento, siendo mucho más gorda de lo que era”, explicó Allison.

Con mensajes como “los kilos van y vienen. Los minutos no”, esta madre empezó a dejar
en claro que la felicidad no corresponde a cuántos kilos uno tenga, inspirando a sus más de 186 mil seguidores. Un día hasta su hija la trató de gorda. Su respuesta se volvió viral.

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This is a very vulnerable post for me. November 2014 was the month before I decided to change my entire life. Everything around me was rapidly approaching rock bottom, and although on the surface and to friends and family we were the perfect family of four with a house at the beach, nice cars and good bodies…behind closed doors everything was falling apart: my husband and I were fighting constantly and the D word was uttered many times, our finances were in shambles, nearing foreclosure on our house and repossession of our car. My husband had just taken his dream job at half the salary and I had to go work as a cocktail waitress at a swingers club. I was drinking every single night until I got drunk which led to smoking every night. I used my body as a way to get attention and validation from others. And I hated the woman I had become through and through. I hid from myself so I wouldn’t have to face the obvious destruction around me. I slapped on a fake smile in front of my kids and rushed through days to get to bedtime. I prayed to false gods hoping that my life would magically change just because I thought it should. And it didn’t. And I was broken. Everything had to change. Everything. So I looked back at everything that had gone wrong and decided I couldn’t fix this like I had “fixed” things before – with patches and bandaids holding together my brokenness. I had to heal from the inside out. And in December of 2014 I made that decision. The greatest decision of my entire life: that I was worthy of so much more in life, that I could love myself just as I am, and that I was allowed to thrive and not just barely survive. After 4 years of steady small steps, many failures, picking myself back up and being the only person that believed I could do it – I am happy to tell you that I am doing it. Because I finally found the truth amongst all the lies that I had built my life around. And I found the strength to change the course of my life, not just for me but for my whole family. When I look at these pictures I see a woman that has overcome. That is in love with herself. That is on fire for God. That is a light in the darkness. For the first time, I see me.

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Hija: “Dije que estabas gorda, mamá. Lo siento”. Kimmey: “Hablemos de ello. La verdad es que no soy gorda. Nadie es gorda. No es algo que PUEDES SER. Pero sí TENGO grasa. TODOS tenemos grasa. Protege nuestros músculos y huesos y mantiene nuestro cuerpo proporcionándonos energía”.

“En ese momento, sabía que era importante para mí reasignar un nuevo significado a
esta palabra que había ocupado la mayor parte de mi vida. No quería que mi hija creciera pensando que era malo”, explicó Allison.

Hasta su propio esposo cambio de perspectiva. “Nunca te lo dije, pero tú también me has inspirado para sentirme cómodo en mi cuerpo”, le confesó.

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