Tiene 42 años, es “gurú” fitness en Instagram y reveló cómo transformó su cuerpo

No cuenta calorías ni se pesa diariamente. Tampoco recurre a dietas extremas ni “pasa hambre”. Esos son algunos beneficios de la rutina que adquirió Joanne Petter, una mujer de 42 años que en algún momento se sintió totalmente infeliz con su vida y decidió hacer un drástico cambio para luchar contra eso.

Fue en 2014 cuando Joanne “tocó fondo”. La australiana, que tiene dos hijos, había sido diagnosticada de ansiedad y depresión, lo que dificultaba su día a día. De la misma forma, se sentía muy disconforme con su apariencia física que, si bien ella reconoce que no estaba “gorda”, demostraba lo sedentaria que era su vida, según cuenta al portal británico DailyMail.


“Cuando pesaba más kilos no tenía confianza en mí misma. Mi ropa no encajaba bien, estaba muy mal y débil, y aunque no estaba gorda, tenía muy poco músculo en comparación con la grasa corporal”, explica.

There is very little difference in scale weight between these pics but there is a visible difference due to recomposition (gaining muscle and losing fat). – I was doing zero exercise in the first pic but slimming down using quick fixes that never lasted. I was obsessed with the scales and at 163cm tall, had decided that 60kg was going to be my ‘max’ and I would never let myself get back over it. I would slim down before every holiday and aim for 57-58kg, giving myself a 2-3kg buffer zone so I could ‘enjoy’ my holiday. 🐽😂 – The result of eating well and weight training consistently is that I no longer need to keep starting a new quick fix. I have less fat and more muscle, I retain much less water, have less cellulite, everything is tighter and I much prefer my shape. My metabolism is much more efficient and I know from body composition scans that my bone mineral density has improved not to mention my strength, stamina and general state of mind. 🤗 – I really was skinny fat on the left. While I had nowhere to hide in a bikini, I looked fine in clothes. You can definitely slim down with diet alone but you’d be CRAZY not to incorporate weight training.

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Es durante ese año que, con voluntad propia, decidió que ya no quería llevar ese estilo de vida y cambiaría totalmente sus hábitos. Para ello, comenzó con un programa de ejercicio semanal, lo que fue el inicio de la rutina diaria que tomaría después.

“El primer programa de ejercicios que hice fue el de 30 días de Jillian Michaels (entrenadora), que recomendaría a cualquiera que no sepa por dónde empezar”, dice y detalla: “Es uno de esos programas en los que rápidamente ves una mejora en tu fuerza y resistencia”.

Sometimes you’ve just got to trust your gut instinct about what works best for you and after a chat with the owner/trainer at the gym I go to, I’m returning to daily intermittent fasting and am convinced I can make it work better for my goals. It’s what makes me feel my best and trying to shovel in food when I’m not hungry in the morning is a struggle and just feels wrong. This time I’ll be doing it a little differently to make sure it works efficiently for muscle gain so I’ll be taking a closer look at exactly what I eat and will have to be smart about getting everything I need in and make sure I am properly fuelled for resistance training. I’m currently having a few days of reduced food intake while I slowly ease back into training and adjust to clean eating again. Almost a bit of a detox from all the holiday food I had. M1 – eggs and rocket with lemon and Himalayan salt. M2 – pre-workout – grilled chicken tenderloins with jasmine rice and broccoli. M3 – post-workout – mocha protein shake (almond milk, 1 scoop choc protein powder, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 tsp coffee, 1 heaped tsp raw cacao, 1/2 tsp cinnamon and ice), and oats with banana. I used five grain oats this time. M4 – grilled chicken tenderloins and coleslaw with olive oil and lemon and an apple.

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Luego Joanne Petter se preocupó por su alimentación. “Me tomó un tiempo darme cuenta de que la comida era el factor más importante en la pérdida de peso y me propuse hacer pequeños cambios de estilo de vida que me aseguraran poder mantener mis resultados”, señala.

En ese momento, Joanne optó por eliminar la comida chatarra, el azúcar refinado y los productos lácteos de su dieta. “Ahora consumo una dieta a base de plantas y huevos y nunca me he sentido mejor”, admite.

At 36 I lived a lifestyle where sometimes foods were everyday foods but thought if I went for a walk around the block after dinner, I was doing ok. 😉 – I was waiting for that ‘someday’ when I would get fit and healthy but at the time I wasn’t the person who made goals, chased and achieved them. – The thing is, you don’t just become that person accidentally. You can make the choice and reinvent yourself at any stage. – I fluffed around for another three years after the pic on the left and I wish I had started earlier because I have no idea what my younger body may have been able to achieve given some effort and the right nutrition. – But what I do know is that it is never too late to start and nothing beats being your best at any age. It would suck to get through life never having felt that. – I don’t plan on letting myself go again. It will always be an obstacle course as I get older and things get more difficult but health is most definitely worth fighting for. 🙌🏼

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Para que el impacto de su dieta fuera efectivo, estableció horarios para alimentarse. “Como sólo entre las 12 del día y las 8 de la noche. Suena difícil, pero cuando tu cuerpo se adapta, se vuelve fácil y realmente no sentís hambre”, explica la mujer que ingiere alimentos sólo durante 8 horas.

Sin embargo, explica que flexibiliza este horario cuando tiene algún evento social o es una fiesta familiar.

“No cuento calorías. Simplemente prefiero comer tantos alimentos enteros como pueda con una variedad de proteínas, carbohidratos y grasas saludables”, añade y cuenta que sólo se realiza un escáner de composición corporal cada seis meses.

Una rutina diaria
A pesar que hace ejercicio seis días a la semana, no tarda más de 20 ó 30 minutos en hacerlos. Su rutina consiste en tres ejercicios de resistencia y tres ejercicios de cardio.

En su casa, Joanne tiene pesas de todo tipo, mancuernas (de las que recomienda las hexagonales porque no ruedan), bandas de resistencia y antes usaba una bicicleta elíptica mientras veía la TV, pero admite que ya no ve televisión. También tiene guantes para tomar las pesas. Todo lo obtuvo a través de Internet.

I try not to write anything negative on here because I don’t ever want it to look like I’m hosting a pity party and I also usually avoid stating there are things about myself that I don’t like because some people take it as a personal attack on where they are at, but I didn’t start this account to sit on the fence with my opinions and pretend to be ecstatic with everything. The pic on the left was part of a series of pics from my last post and a few people picked up there was a major change that happened after this pic. It was taken two weeks before my 40th and a week before starting this account. It was the point I started making changes to my nutrition which made progress visible for the first time. The reason I don’t wear this bikini any more is that it is a reminder that although I lost belly fat, I also lost two cup sizes as well. There was a time I actually considered augmentation but the truth is I know I can’t handle anything unnatural stuck to me like fake nails, hair extensions or even false eyelashes let alone have something implanted in me so I’m left with what I have. All I can say is luckily there is no need for me to ever do a naked plank! 😂 While I’ve accepted it for the most part and got by with a good push up bra there are times I feel frustrated that I’ve worked so hard to better myself, to the detriment of other body parts. I try to avoid reading comments on my pics that have been reposted on other people’s pages because people seem to be extra ruthless when commenting on those but I came across one the other night where some guy commented that I was flat… twice… just in case people missed it the first time. 🙄 Ummm thanks Sherlock! 👋🏼 While I often get complimented on my skin, I have definitely noticed the signs of ageing catching up. On a good day I’m fine but there are days where I look in the mirror and feel I’ve seen better heads on mops! My face def looked a lot younger when I had a higher body fat percentage. The things is… You have to take the good with the bad and I wouldn’t ever want to go back to how I was. Yeah I had boobs… I also had depression and was weak. When I weigh it up, it’s clear where I’d rather be. 😊

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“Principalmente uso videos de ejercicio en YouTube y también creé mis propios entrenamientos HIIT para cardio y me gusta hacer ejercicio en ayunas ya que me da más enfoque y claridad”, relata.

Hoy Joanne Petter no es “ni la sombra” de lo que era antes. La madre confiesa que ya no sufre de depresión y ansiedad, entre otros beneficios físicos, que van más allá de la tonificación de su figura y pérdida de peso. “Mi piel y mi pelo también mejoraron inmensamente. A través del levantamiento de pesas también pude aumentar la densidad mineral ósea”, dice.

Todo este proceso lo registró en su cuenta de Instagram, en donde suma más de 121 mil seguidores y comparte sus tips junto a fotos de su físico y su comida en cada publicación.

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