Cinco modelos plus size que pisan firme en las pasarelas del mundo

Paso a paso y muy lentamente, la moda está cambiando. El estereotipo de la modelo ultradelgada, alta, impecable, afortunadamente esta cayendo y en su lugar se esgrime un nuevo paradigma: todas somos modelos.

Altas o bajas, flacas o gordas, rubias o morochas, todas tendremos espacio para lucirnos en las pasarelas gracias a algunas mujeres que han dado el primer paso, el más difícil por cierto, y se han impuesto en el complejo mundo de la moda y los desfiles.


Hoy te presentamos a cinco de ellas, para que las tengas en el radar y no las pierdas de vista.

Choe Marshall

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Day dreaming about San Francisco ✨

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Tess Holliday

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Today is #nationalcomingoutday & TBH the first time I talked about this (ever!) was in my @cosmopolitanuk cover story last month & I’ve been hesitant to discuss it since then. It’s still something I’m figuring out, & I’m not sure how I choose to identify & that’s ok with me. What I do know is that I’m not “straight,” & I’ve known for a while. Being raised in the “bible belt,” the topic of sexuality was taboo, & hell, I was already fat, poor & awkward – there was no way I was gonna tell folks that I liked girls AND boys. I felt like I couldn’t talk about it, & felt “gross” for being attracted to anyone who wasn’t a cis male. Fast forward to present day: I’m married, & in a monogamous marriage to someone who is queer (which confuses so many folks 🤦🏻‍♀️) and being with him has opened my eyes & given me a safe space to talk about all of this, but yeah – I’m not straight & I’m still learning all the ways to navigate that within the context of my life and my relationships. 💕 For those of you who haven’t come out yet (or maybe aren’t able to for whatever reason), please know you are loved✨

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Philomena Kwao

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Only cause … Home

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Tara Lynn

Candice Huffine

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How’s my January-ers feeling? I’m not a fan of resolutions, I even wrote a little something about it last year that I think applies to this one and beyond (link in bio), but I am a HUGE fan of life-changing, goal setting that you work for like you never have for anything before. Something wild and crazy and unknown that has nothing to do with shedding holiday weight. 🙄 For me, 3 years ago that was accepting a dare to start running. I had fear and doubts, but the very next day after the margarita haze wore off I laced up and set out on the hardest and longest (ONE) mile of my life- running for one minute, walking for 30 seconds on and off until I completed the distance. Picture of said day included in next slide. I came back to NY that January and hit the treadmill working on ONE mile everyday until I felt confident and comfortable to move on. It took the whole month. That ONE mile was the beginning of a life I didn’t know I would lead. The ONE mile that I always joked I could never do unless there was an emergency was the ONE that brought me to hundreds more and unleashed a girl inside I was happy to meet. Anyway, it all started with ONE. And if you’ve joked and said you never could, I promise you, you can. And I think you should. Like now. 😉 We’ve launched a @yourdaywon challenge called #OneForWon that is very special to me and I hope you’ll consider. ONE mile a day for the rest of this month. Walk it, run it, grab a friend and spill the tea it, take in the view it, document it, have fun with it, try it, feel it, do it. I dare you!!!! 😉😉💪💪 Follow the hashtag for inspo and join our @strava club to track your progress! We got this friends!

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